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North Dakota's Best Freelance Web Designer

Matie Natov is a professional web designer based in Grand Forks, North Dakota. With previous residency near Fargo, ND, and Bismark, ND. Hiring a website professional can save you money and time, letting you focus on what really matters, your core business! Matie takes care of the technical aspects so you don't have to. Invest in a professional web design with Matie Natov today!

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Serving Areas Near North Dakota

Fargo Web Design

Fargo, part of the Silicon Prairie, is a large city in the Red River Valley area and is considered the technology capital of North Dakota. Matie is proud to offer web design services to Fargo business owners and companies.

Grand Forks Web Design

Grand Forks is one hour North of Fargo, and a popular place for growing businesses. Matie is passionate about helping Grand Forks brands grow.

Bismark Web Design

Bismark is North Dakota's State capital and a city buzzing with movement and commerce. Matie provides web design services for pros near Bismark, ND.

Minot Web Design

Minot lies on the West end of North Dakota and is a popular city for all sorts of brands and business owners. Matie provides web design services near the Minot, ND area.

Matie Natov has the Best Reviews

"Matie is an incredibly talented designer and overall strategist. In addition to award-winning design work, Matie brought talented leadership to a difficult project. She won the respect of a challenging customer and helped them focus to achieve their design objectives."

- Freelance Client

"Matie is so much more than a 'web developer.' Her vision for build strategy, versatility in pivoting into the best approaches given a variety of build scenarios and supreme attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to any digital team."

- Analytics Professional

Big Website Experience

Matie Has 11+ Years Work Experience with the World's Biggest Brands


Contact Matie for a Free Consultation

I would absolutely love to work with you! I look forward to hearing more about your website project and how I can design the best website ever for your business!

2022 Matie Natov Web Designer in Fargo North Dakota
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