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Designing Sephora Conference Webpages

Sephora Event Webpages

With a fleet of 17K employees, Sephora hosts annual training events in-person for high-performing Leadership members of the Sephora Education department such as Store Managers and Store Leads. Sharing new trade-related tips, tricks, brand, and product information with a goal to have the Leadership members take-it-back and share conference knowlege with their local store teams. From 2017 to 2020, Matie Natov played a crucial role in Sephora's Education Department, serving as the lead Web Designer and launching several event experiences for members of Sephora's Education Department.

Accessible and User Friendly

Before embarking on the re-design, Matie Natov interviewed several members for Sephora's Education Department and Store Leadership Team to understand the issue and solve the problem, ultimately making it easier, faster, and more enjoyable to register for annual training events and understand the prerequisite requirements while registering on the webpage. Each annual design has in-page navigation and Javascript led navigation to ensure an engaging and fun experience.

Helping Store Leaders

As a result of the redesign, more Store Leaders were able to find the webpage and register with no negative feedback.

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