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7 International Landing Pages

International landing page about privacy

In 2020, Matie Natov was employed at a prominent social media company, where she was a tea, member of the consumer marketing website department. Her role involved creating and maintaining various landing pages that were crucial for communicating with the European market. These landing pages served as a platform for paid media advertising campaigns, helping to drive user engagement and increase brand visibility in the region.

Matie's Web Design Messages a Global Audience

The campaign had a primary focus on sharing a commitment to privacy, which was a key aspect of brand identity. In order to effectively communicate this message to an international audience, Matie opted for an informational and professional web design layout. This layout was carefully designed to showcase international versions of the copy, ensuring that their message could reach a global audience.

The web design layout featured a clean and organized structure, with clear navigation and user-friendly features. This allowed visitors to easily access the information they were looking for, whether it was details about the campaign's privacy commitments or information about the brand itself. The design also incorporated visually appealing elements, such as high-quality images and graphics, to engage visitors and enhance the overall user experience.

By choosing this particular web design layout, Matie Natov was able to effectively convey their message of privacy commitment to their audience in a professional and informative manner. The international versions of the copy further reinforced their global reach and appeal, showing that they were dedicated to spreading their message far and wide. Overall, the web design layout played a crucial role in helping Matie Natov achieve their campaign goals and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

User Experience Testing

The template was rigorously tested on various mobile devices to ensure optimal performance, and it demonstrated an impressive loading time that catered to users with even the slowest internet connections. The page was designed with high accessibility in mind, allowing any user, regardless of their experience or technical proficiency, to easily view and navigate through it with minimal effort. From responsive design elements to intuitive user interface features, every aspect of the template was carefully crafted to provide a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience for all users.

3 mobile landing pages in different languages

Advertising Campaign Success

Throughout the project, Matie demonstrated her expertise in website development, digital marketing, and project management. As a result of the landing page being translated into 7 other languages and receiving funding for a paid advertising campaign, the reach of the page expanded significantly across the world wide web. This led to the landing page series receiving millions of views from a global audience. The diverse language options allowed for a wider range of users to access the content, resulting in increased visibility and engagement. The paid advertising campaign also played a crucial role in driving traffic to the landing page, ultimately leading to its success in reaching a large audience. The impressive number of views demonstrates the effectiveness of the strategy in promoting the landing page and reaching a wide and diverse audience.


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