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Web Experience for Beauty Training

Matie Natov Revamps the Visuals User Interface

In 2018, Matie Natov was a full-time employee for the world's largest beauty retail company. Headquartered in downtown San Francisco, the company's Education Department hired Matie Natov to lead professional Graphic Web Design of the learning management System, and the daily training experience for it's fleet of 17,000 employees across USA and Canada.

An Overwhelming Layout Causes Lack of Focus

The previous web design used bad web practices and simply had too many items on the page. Resulting in a lack of focus from the target users. The old web design was stressful, and the users reported ditching the web design altogether because they did not know which item to click on. They only had 10 minutes per work shift to complete a training, so they opted out of the web design and went back to the training floor instead.

User Testing to Uncover the Issues

To gain an understanding of the issues and problems with low completion rates, Matie embarked on a user testing journey at 3 top locations in-person across the SF Bay Area to meet staff at their place of work and training. After speaking to more and more people, it became clear that employees had little time each day for training, and the old interface did not help them focus in the small amount of time they had. So, Matie met with the team at corporate to redesign the layout.

Creating User Personas

After speaking to so many employees, Matie found it helpful to personify the interviewed group into 3 power user types that represent the consensus of the interviewed group.

Pitching a More Simple Web Layout

After going over the issue with Matie's Manager and Director, the team decided on a very simple and streamlined layout that helped users focus on what mattered, numbering the items in order of importance, and re-doing the Education Departments internal process to deliver more bite-sized, shorter trainings and less of them each week so that users could easily digest what they were served on the webpage each week.

Matching the Web Theme to Store Campaigns

After receiving excellent feedback with the new simplified design, Matie Natov decided to evolve the design to match ongoing campaigns in store, to help excite the users about current news and events related to sales, products, and marketing. Matie became organizational savvy and met with department leaders at the beauty company in other department to align on visuals, assets, and guidelines with each new animation campaign.


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Matie Natov would absolutely love to work with you! She looks forward to hearing more about your website needs and how she can design the best website for your business.

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