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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get local SEO services to grow your small business web design with Matie Natov.

Affordable SEO Gets You to Show Up on Google

Matie Natov offers free SEO and Web Design consulting for small business websites in the USA. SEO helps companies get found on Google and other search engines by using keyword research, finding gaps in the local market, and content strategy.

Tips for Small Business Website SEO

SEM Rush

1.) Keyword Research Analysis

It is important for small businesses to understand what people are looking for online and how to match those needs. To do this, SEO involves keyword research analysis using web marketing tools such as SEM Rush and Google Search Console to gain data and insight to the best keywords for use in the content strategy.

2.) Content Strategy

Once the best keywords have been identified, the next SEO step is  content strategy which involves formatting and outlining web pages, headings, wording, and assets that highlights the best target keywords.

3.) User Experience Design

Great user experience design involves creating navigational pathways for users to take on the website. User interface design elements such as buttons, typography, colors, spacing and other visual design elements should be unique to the small business and helpful for the users to navigate, ensuring the website interface elements remain consistent across pages and on various screen sizes.

4.) Analytics & Feedback

After launching a website, it is important to collect feedback and/or Google Analytics data to understand how to improve SEO over time. Market trends change and small businesses can stay ahead by monitoring analytics and feedback regularly.

Contact for a FREE SEO Consultation

Matie Natov is a trusted and reliable web designer who offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of small businesses. From design and development to SEO and management, Matie ensures that small businesses have a strong online presence and can effectively engage with their target audience. Looking for ideas and consulting advice?

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