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Blog Post Work for Snap Inc.

Blog Post Work

Matie Natov's Role in Snapchat for Business

Matie Natov has been instrumental in the development and publication of blog posts for the Snapchat for Business web development team. Collaborating closely with the Snapchat Communications Manager and Communications Specialists, Matie played a pivotal role as a web development partner. She managed the seamless integration of Google Docs content, assets, and launch instructions, all while adhering to best practices and SEO guidelines. Matie's efforts have significantly contributed to unifying the voice of Snapchat for Business, providing advertisers with essential resources to grow their business on the platform.

Getting Blog Posts Ready to Share on LinkedIn

As blog posts are published live, Snapchat's Communications Team shares them on LinkedIn to boost visibility. Each blog post is meticulously configured with the correct metadata and settings to ensure optimal display on LinkedIn, including Open Graph (OG) images sized at 1920 x 1080 for the best viewing experience.

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