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I Draw, Design, and Illustrate Art

Turtle Illustration

I Illustrate Stories, Animals, People, and Fictitious Creatures

My imagination can run wild, and I love to draw my ideas on paper.

A caricature of a couple who work as construction workers in love

I Draw Caricature Portraits for Family and Friends

Since 2008, I've been drawing caricature portraits. My first ever job was at Six Flags as a Lead Caricature Artist. Now, offer my drawing services online to the masses. I've drawn individuals, couples, families, and pets. The most I've drawn on one sheet of paper is 13! I am a master at skin tone and face shape. Every person is beautiful and unique in their own way!

Contact Me Today

I would absolutely love to work with you! I look forward to hearing more about your website project and how I can design the best website ever for your business!

Matie Natov