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About Matie Natov

Matie Natov is an enthusiastic, bubbly, friendly, and creative Web Designer and Developer born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, California with a 2022 migration to North Dakota for a better work-life balance! Matie is passionate about design, business, creativity, and helping brands grow. Matie's mission in life? Make the world better, one business at a time.

Matie Natov in Minnesota Northwest 2022

Your Best Businesses Partner for Website Marketing

Whether it's a web page for a large company, or designing a custom mockup for a freelance client, Matie puts the same effort and energy into all of the work she does.

Matie Natov designs a website on whiteboard

Passionate About Online First Impressions

Matie Natov has 11+ years of experience with some of the most famous brands on the globe, including Snapchat (currently), Meta, and Sephora. It's crucial that Matie understands the goals for each brand, and works to promote them online for everyone to see.

Matie Gets Websites Found on Google

Matie has worked on some of the biggest and best marketing websites on the internet including Snapchat's business website, Meta's consumer marketing website, and Sephora's internal learning management system. Helping these websites get found online has been a core responsibility in each role. If you want to get your website listed on Google and other search engines, contact Matie today!  

2023 Professional web production by Matie Natov that promotes Shopify

Contact Matie Today

Matie would absolutely love to work with you! She looks forward to learning more about your website vision and how she can design/build the best website for your business.

Matie Natov
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