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California Tech Company Web Design

In 2024, Matie Natov was contacted by a tech company based in California who needed some help with a website redesign. The goal was to make the website professional and introduce new branding. After the initial video consultation, Matie discovered areas of opportunity using SEM Rush keyword research and competitor analysis. Matie provided a responsive Figma web design mockup, custom logo design, and custom Wix web design theme.

Starting the Package With Video Consulting

Before anything else, Matie and the client met over video chat to gain a mutual understanding of the business, services, branding, and website requirements. The client shared information about the brand and services. Matie asked questions and eventually the two parties agreed upon a web design package.

Researching Keywords With SEM Rush

Matie Natov began researching the company's market position via keyword analysis. Matie used an online tool called SEM Rush to discover common words and phrases that people type into Google Search to find what they are looking for. Analysis of these "keywords" allows Matie to identify market patterns, trends, and areas of opportunity.

Sketching Logos Inspired by Data Science

After gathering a solid understanding of the business through keyword analysis, Matie Natov sketched dozens of logo concepts on paper inspired by data science, engineering, and AI with a foundation of ethics and human centric morals. Each icon was illustrated using a pen on notebook paper and presented to the client, ultimately narrowing it down to 1 - 3 great options. The client preferred a data science icon design which resulted in the final logo design.

Designing a Responsive Mockup Using Figma

Once the logo design was pretty well conceptualized, Matie began producing mockups for desktop and smartphone using Figma, an online tool for mockups. Matie wanted to include a stunning "hero" heading section on the AI company's website homepage while displaying the new logo and a strategic SEO title. Under the hero would show an interactive slideshow of strategic partners as trust indicators and a contact form as well.

Launching a Custom Wix Theme

Once the logo and Figma mockups were approved, Matie migrated the custom theme to Wix, an easy drag-and-drop platform for hosting domain names and websites. Matie applied the custom theme to all of Wix's components, colors, typography, and buttons. So that the client could easily update and create content in the future as needed.

Delivering a Custom Logo Design

In the end, Matie Natov was able to deliver a custom, hand-illustrated, logo design in SVG, PNG, and JPG formats for the client. Matie included some guidelines for color and typography, plus a copy of the keyword research.

The client was very pleased with the results and happy that Matie designed the best website package ever! Want a Custom Web Design Package? Contact Matie Natov today!


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Matie Natov would absolutely love to work with you! She looks forward to hearing more about your website needs and how she can design the best website for your business.

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