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Hi! I'm Matie Natov, Web Design Professional

My name is Matie Natov and I am a professional website designer from the San Francisco Bay Area, California with a recent migration to the Midwest. I offer affordable web design services tailored for small businesses.

Matie Natov coding in an office space in San Francisco

Graphic Web Design Portfolio

Take a look at some featured web design projects that I have successfully launched for my freelance clients from UpWork, Thumbtack, and more! I am happy to provide graphic web design services for small businesses based in the USA.

“Matie is an incredibly talented designer and overall strategist. In addition to award winning design work, Matie brought talented leadership to a difficult project. She won the respect of a challenging customer and helped them focus to achieve their design objectives.”

UpWork Review

Affordable Web Designs

Management Services for Small Business

Matie Natov provides affordable website design packages and management services for small businesses. Getting a custom web design is just the start, it's imperative to maintain a launched website, continue to produce content, and ensure the website is active online. Matie is an exceptional professional, dedicated to providing superior services that help businesses stand out from the crowd. Whether you need a new website designed from scratch or updates to an existing site, Matie has the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life.

A Figma web design mockup on macbook and smartphone
Shopify landing page design

Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Matie has gained professional SEO experience working with top web development teams at large companies including Snapchat, Meta, and Sephora. A key aspect of Matie's roles in technology has been strategically optimizing content and web development so that users can discover content through search engines like Google and Bing.  Every website that Matie creates includes free SEO strategy services to enhance content, design, and development for small businesses, too!

Matie Natov has worked with some of the world's biggest marketing websites including Snapchat's business website (currently), Meta's consumer marketing website, and Sephora's internal education website. Matie's work experience with big technology companies has transcended to her freelance clients, start-ups, and small business projects Matie absorbed during her part-time freelance role.

iPhone mobile web design for tech company by Matie Natov

Contact Today for FREE Web Design Consulting

I would absolutely love to work with you! I look forward to hearing more about your website project and how I can design the best website ever for your business!

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