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Matie Natov Graphic Web Designer

Matie Natov: Crafting Design, Producing Web Experiences, and Unleashing Artistry

Matie Natov is a dynamic creative force, seamlessly bridging the realms of graphic design, web production, and artistry. As a designer, Matie creates visuals that embody the essence of brands, using an expert grasp of color theory, typography, and composition. In the realm of web production, Matie's proficiency shines as she crafts unique online experiences on platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Square, complemented by SEO expertise and technical program management. Beyond these realms, Matie's artistic prowess comes alive through captivating caricature portraits, intricate characters, and diverse creatures, employing traditional mediums and digital tools. With a solid foundation in professional art and illustration, Matie Natov stands as a versatile creative powerhouse, ready to bring ideas to life across multiple creative domains.

Elevating Brands, Crafting Web Experiences, and Unleashing Artistry: Matie Natov's Creative Odyssey

I elevate brands with a range of graphic design services, produce the world's best websites, and illustrate doodles and illustrations for clients across the USA. From captivating graphic web designs to seamless illustrations, my skills are geared toward enhancing elegance and leaving a lasting impression.

Matie Natov offers a comprehensive suite of custom design services, spanning from tailor-made logos and branding solutions to thoughtfully designed business cards, brochures, stickers, and t-shirts. Employing a skillful blend of graphic design principles such as color theory, typography, composition, and balance, Matie harnesses the industry's top software tools including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign to create visually compelling and strategically aligned designs that leave a lasting impact.

Graphic Design

Matie Natov offers comprehensive web production services, encompassing personalized website design and skilled development on popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Square. With additional expertise in SEO, content strategy, and technical program management, Matie ensures holistic digital solutions. Furthermore, her proficiency in coding front-end web experiences using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, coupled with ongoing programming classes to become a full-stack developer, showcases a commitment to continuous growth and excellence in the field.

Web Production

Illustration Icon

Art & Illustration

Matie Natov offers a captivating range of art services, showcasing her talent through custom caricature portraits that span dogs, individuals, couples, and families. Additionally, Matie's creative prowess extends to drawing stories, characters, and fantastical creatures using a diverse array of mediums, including pencil, paper, paint, and digital tools. Backed by completion of multiple college courses in art and illustration, Matie's professional expertise shines through in her exceptional creations.

Graphic Design: Where Vision and Design Converge

Step into the realm of Matie Natov's graphic design expertise, where creativity takes shape and messages come to life. With a deep understanding of color theory, typography, and visual composition, Matie crafts stunning visuals that resonate with audiences. From crafting unique logos and branding styles to designing eye-catching posters and brochures, Matie's graphic design work seamlessly blends aesthetics and strategy. Discover a world where design transforms ideas into impactful visuals with Matie Natov's graphic design services.

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Matie Natov Graphic Web Designer

Web Production: Shaping Digital Experiences with Expertise

Welcome to the realm of Matie Natov's web production expertise. With a keen eye for design and a knack for technical finesse, Matie crafts immersive digital experiences that captivate audiences. From developing polished websites on platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Square to orchestrating seamless SEO strategies and content management, Matie's web production prowess ensures a harmonious fusion of form and function. Explore a world where innovation and user-centric design converge with Matie Natov's web production services.

Art and Illustration: Igniting Imagination with Creativity

Dive into the captivating world of Matie Natov's art and illustration, where creativity knows no bounds. With a mastery of both traditional and digital mediums, Matie brings stories to life through intricate characters, whimsical creatures, and evocative visuals. With a strong foundation in professional art and illustration education, Matie's creations transport viewers into realms where imagination takes center stage. Explore a gallery that celebrates innovation, skill, and boundless artistic expression with Matie Natov.

Matie Natov

Exceptional Skill Set: Mastering Design, Web Production, and Artistry

Matie Natov boasts a diverse skill set that encompasses the realms of design, web production, and artistry. With a deep understanding of graphic design principles, Matie creates captivating visuals that resonate with clients' visions. Their web production expertise includes crafting seamless digital experiences on various platforms while ensuring optimal user engagement. Moreover, Matie's artistry shines through intricate illustrations that bring stories to life, showcasing a versatility that seamlessly bridges the worlds of creativity and technical finesse.

Graphic Design Skills

  • Graphic Design

  • Logo Design

  • Branding

  • User Interface (UI) Design

  • Layout Design

  • Typogaphy

  • Composition

  • Color Theory

Web Production Skills

  • Web Development

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • User Experience (UX)

  • Responsive Design

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Technical Program Management

  • E-commerce

  • Analytics

  • Optimization

Art & Illustration Skills


Traditional Mediums

Digital Art

Character Design


Creature Design


Color Theory

Mixed Media

Conceptual Thinking

Matie Natov is a multi-talented creative professional whose expertise spans graphic design, web production, and artistry. With an innate ability to blend visual aesthetics with strategic intent, Matie's work stands out for its ability to capture the essence of brands and ideas. With a solid foundation in both traditional and digital mediums, Matie's artistic expressions range from intricately crafted illustrations to immersive web experiences, reflecting a commitment to innovation and excellence in every creative endeavor.

About Matie Natov

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