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Matie Natov designing and developing a custom website


Matie Natov —
Professional Web Designer
for Hire in
North Dakota

I Design Custom Websites Worth Paying For

Hair extension web design by Matie Natov for a California business

Professional Web design is an investment for your business.

Let me handle the technical aspects so that you can focus on what really matters — your business! I like saving my client's time. Your website deserves my professional touch and I will ensure you get a design that aligns with your brand. My knowledge of SEO, user experience, and the latest technologies will ensure that your website stands out.

AI Can't Replace
My Freelancer's Touch

While AI helps certain aspects of a Web Designer's role, the value of hiring me as your go-to freelance Web Designer lies in my ability to deliver creativity, intuitive, and a personalized touch into my design process. As a professional Web Designer, I bring a human element, collaborating closely with you to understand your unique vision and needs. While AI may excel in efficiency and consistency, hiring me is irreplaceable.

10+ Years of Experience Working with the Best Brands

I have excellent work experience with some of the best companies in the USA. 

iPhone mobile web design for tech company by Matie Natov

I Love To Draw, Doodle, Illustrate, and Create, Too!

In addition to Web Design, I have strong artistic abilities including drawing from scratch, illustration, painting, and tablet drawing. I love to doodle, create, and imagine!

Matie Natov North Dakota 2022

North Dakota
Web Design

Currently, I live in Grand Forks, ND with my Fiancé, Austin but I was born and raised in The San Francisco Bay Area, California. I understand Silicon Valley technology culture yet I love the serenity and peace of the Northwest. I am fortunate to do my work remotely, which means I can take client from anywhere across the USA.

Contact Me for a Free Consultation

I would absolutely love to work with you! I look forward to hearing more about your website project and how I can design the best website ever for your business!

Matie Natov
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